Thursday, August 04, 2005

Preparing to move again!

Jordan got a new job in Methuen MA, so we are moving again. Yay! We are moving in like eight days and we are both so excited. It's going to be great to get out of Orlando considering all the heat and storms coming it's way.

Hopefully I'll have some decent pictures to post of us moving and how it all goes. Let's pray it all goes smoothly for us. Angie and Ken are helping out a great deal, without that who knows if this would all be possible.

The company he is going to work at is Mad Doc software, and it's in Lawrence Massachusetts. So we will be living about 30 miles north of Boston. This is going to come in handy around the holidays since Katie lives in NY now. I have a feeling lots of train tickets will be purchased in the next year.

well enjoy.

below are some pictures of the packing and oreo

The Dining Room about three weeks ago

Oreo snoozing away in her favorite basket

think she saw the flash this time.


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