Friday, September 01, 2006


Swan Boats
Boston Public Gardens

...So wow, I let an entire month go by without a single blog entry. I have been extremely busy and slack at this. It's fall here again and therefore time for me to get busy with this once again. I seem to keep it up better during/around holidays and events. Recent News 1. My mom came for a visit Aug. 24-Sept 1 2. Spent day in Boston 3. Weather temps are below 70 4. Planning Thanksgiving already 5. Jordan and I just celebrated our 4th Anniversary
6. Knitting like a mad woman

So I have tons of photos to post here of when my mom was here. We did a lot that weekend when she got here. We went to Newburyport, Amesbury and Plum Island on that Friday. We picked apples at Cider Hill Farm in Amesbury, then went shopping and I showed her where I work in Newburyport. After that I drove down to Plum Island to show her our "beach". It was a long day. That night we ate out at a restaurant and then we made homemade apple pies. My mom had never done that and she really enjoyed it.
Saturday we went into Boston, we took the "T" and went to Boston Public Gardens, and Cheers. It was a perfect day to be in the city, because it wasn't cold or hot. We were able to really enjoy ourselves walking around and we considered riding the SwanBoats but the line was uber long and I didn't feel that it was really worth the wait. After we had done all that we went back to North Station to get our car and we drove down to the USSConstitution. This I would have to say was the highlight of the day. It is something I really enjoyed because I'm so fascinated with the fact that this ship endured everything it did when it was the "top dog" of our navy.

Sunday we didn't do much, just relaxed and did our own things. I think Jordan had some work to do from home.
Monday we had to get the "v-pipe" of the muffler replaced, which is always exciting. Gotta love injuring the car on day trips into the city. (I didn't mention this above, but on Saturday I hit a raised manhole which put a hole in the pipe) So now our entire exhaust system has been replaced, and we shouldn't have problems for several years. Fun times- Then it was Tuesday and back to work and "normal" life. My mom just hung out here for the remainder of her visit really. This morning I was up at 6am to drive her back to Manchester to get her 9am flight to Detroit- from there she went to RDU. It was a long day for her as well. So now I am back home and getting things back in some sort of order, if you could call it that. I am knitting, and Jordan is programming. Tons of exciting stuff- Oreo couldn't handle all of it anymore so she has retired to her new favorite spot under our bed. So here are the photos!


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