Wednesday, August 10, 2005


So we went to Barnes and Noble last night and I decided to get a new book to read while moving etc and to help me relax through the stress of moving again. I searched and searched, but nothing seemed to appease my wants. I went to the front of the store to search for Jordan, thinking we would leave without me getting anything and I saw 'Wicked' on one of the front tables. I picked it up and started reading the first chapter of the first book in it. I was so wrapped up in it that I decided to get it. I read about forty- five pages last night and something like forty so far tonight, which I am taking a short break right now. It is a very interesting book. I started book two in it tonight, and it is soo good. This will definitely become a favorite book of mine. Only have like 320 pages to go, haha, but it's well worth it.

Today was Jordan's last day at n-space, so he had a good day. I know he is glad to not have to go back there anymore.

I didn't have such a good day, I stayed up until like 6 am to hear the sonic boom, which didnt' happen because Discovery landed in California. I was very disappointed cause I was extremely excited about that. So I slept really late, today and when I awoke the bathroom was flooded. Yippee. Stupid toilet was leaking. yuck, so they came to fix it, but I went in there a little bit ago to find it leaking again. I'll be glad to leave here.

So our lease from Mass. is supposed to get here tomorrow for us to sign and send back. Then they will send our keys to us. I'll be glad when all that is settled.

So much is going on. I am just ready for it all to be done with.


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