Friday, October 13, 2006

I love Neon trees

Christian riding with the apples on the
way back down the hill

The best apples were at the very top- so the only
logical thing to do was to start climbing- as you can
see Jessica was up in the top of this tree.

YUM! The FIRST apple of the day!

You have to be up high to reach the best apples!

I like this one-

the first few bites were exciting

I think Christian enjoyed riding in the wagon

So as you may have guessed from my title, the leaves are definitely no longer green. We have some ( I don't have photo's of YET) in our parking lot that seriously look like they may be one of the following: a) radioactive or b) painted with glow in the dark paint. I love it. They are bright, colorful and just really put you in the mood that Halloween is near, along with Thanksgiving. It's not summer here at this time of year unlike the south. I'm loving every minute of my jeans (although not many fit due to weight loss, not a bad thing though) and jackets.

I'm a nut. I listen to Christmas music all year long and I am already doing this tradition with Annabel and Christian. I should just take my entire book over there and expose them to the best music in the world. I have listened to the soundtrack for Elf more than anything else I own probably. I absolutely love this cd. It's great. I listen when I am working on scrapbooks, knitting, cooking, cleaning, anything that requires a positive mood from me. Currently "Santa Claus is coming to town" is blaring from my computer speakers and I am grinning from ear to ear. I'm just pathetic. I know this. I can't help it though.

The past few weeks have been very busy for me. I've been working a lot for everyone. Last weekend I went to a jewelry making party and made some Christmas gifts, and yes folks, I've already got gifts wrapped and ready here. I'm such a weirdo. I have several people marked off my list. I'll spread it out over the next few months.

We have sorta started car shopping. I think the plan is to come into possession of a new car at Thanksgiving while everyone is here visiting us. We'll have to see. I think we can do it. I am super excited about just the idea of having a new car. We'll be able to take day trips! Yay! Safe, more reliable car! We are planning to drive to NC at Christmas in it, so that'll definitely be fun. I think we are going to get a lightly used or new Honda Civic. We are planning to stay in the same size bracket that we are already in, Civics are the same size of our old Accord.

On Monday I went Apple Picking with Christian and Jessica, and MAN- it was completely different than last year. When we did this last year it was FREEZING! Christian was in a snow suit and everything. This year, it was a nice 80 degrees and people were everywhere. All of this combined meant that Jessica and I ended up climbing trees to get to the best apples that were left on the trees. It was a blast! Christian enjoyed tasting all the different kinds of apples. He tasted a bit of everything.


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