Saturday, August 13, 2005

Arrival in NC

So I got in NC today around 1 pm. My flight kept getting delayed and all that fun stuff. I met some interesting people on my flight to GSO. Probably the nicest people ever in an airport, the flight attendant was a total snob though. I just talked to Jordan and Ken a few minutes ago and they are about in Durham. He said he would be here in burlington around 10 pm which is exciting. I can't wait to have them here safe and sound. I also found out that my friend Charlie is coming tomorrow to our family get together at the park. I am excited to see him since it's been like a year since we saw him.

Angie and I went to the new Target and Harris Teeter tonight. We also got pedicures at the nail place which was relaxing. The new shopping center is so weird looking to me since it was the first time I have seen it finished, although not everything is open.

Oreo handled the flight pretty well, and the ride home. She was shedding pretty bad though. After that we took her to the house here and let her have free roam of the entire downstairs.

Tonight we had Harbor Inn and it was SOOOO good. I love NC seafood and barbque. I can't wait to have the family get together tomorrow with everyone and the food at the park. Hopefully my dad can walk around some. that will be exciting for me to see.

Well gonna go for now. I am gonna change clothes and get comfy and find Oreo since she is roaming around freely.


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