Sunday, April 15, 2007

Recent Happenings

Where you get off the Fung Wah at

Us- tired at Katie's apt


Bowery and Canal NYC

Bowery and Canal NYC part deux


Happy Spring(?) Everyone!

So, our Spring in New England has consisted of not one, but two snowy days in April. We've not had many days where we had nice weather. It's been a bit of a bummer. Average high has been around 40 I guess. BLAH! I'm ready for some walking with the kids weather.


I went to NYC to visit Katie at her new apartment last weekend, Angie was there. It was nice to see them that's for sure. We had a great time, we shopped on Canal st ate at Cosi- so of course we all had a great time. We got dresses for upcoming weddings in the family.

June 2007- Weddings June 9th Cody & Meghan say I Do June 16th Jessica & Steve (Jessica is Jordan's cousin) June 31st Frances & Fiance' Obviously we won't be in NC for all three weddings... which is a bit of a bummer.

Plans- We (being Jordan and myself) are going to NYC this weekend together for the first time in about 4 years. We'll stay with his sister which will be nice. We don't have a ton planned out. We are going to the American Museum of Natural History on Saturday. I'm looking forward to doing that again. Jordan and I did that five years ago and we really enjoyed it so we are going to do it again this time. Katie has never been, I just hope she enjoys it. [For all the kids/parents, this is the museum that Night at the Museum was based in]

What I'm ready for- 1. Warmer Weather!!!
2. New Episodes of Tv shows!
3. People to come visit us in New England!
4. other things.. not sure what they are yet though


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