Sunday, August 14, 2005

Pizza Party in NC

Today was a lot of fun. We had family and friends get together it was so great to see them. We had our parents, aunts and uncles and everything there. Jordan's grandparents were there too. The pizza was perfect and everyone brought the best sweets and treats. It was some good eating. My dad was there and he was walking almost normal, still weird to think about all that has happened to his leg in the past year. I was glad to see him able to walk across a parking lot to the picnic shelter. Sara Saul also came near the end, and I was so glad she was able to make it because I haven't seen her that much or talked to her that much either since we moved. Charlie Walker came and so I got to see his new tattoo's.

Angie is frying up some chicken right now. It smells so good. I need to get busy and make some stuff for the road to eat since we are leaving tomorrow morning around 7 am for Massachusetts. So much to do and such little time left to do it all in.

I got some GREAT pics at the picnic shelter, I'll update them when we get to MA.


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