Friday, September 23, 2005

New York New York

Tomorrow I am going to NY to visit with Katie and we are going to the Central Park Zoo and shopping. I can't wait to go to the zoo, the last time I went to one was in 2002 when Jordan and I had just started dating.

I am going to try and take as many pictures as possible. I want something to scrapbook when I get back. I might see if I can take Jordan's camera with me. I can't wait to get me a small camera to use for things like this. I love our camera's, but I just want something smaller for me to use. I am in this mood of not liking my film SLR camera. It is big, and you have to take a roll of film before you can see the pictures you took. It's just too much of a hassle in some cases. I wish i could sell it to a nice camera store some days. I paid too much for that camera to not use it though.

Mawmaw came home today from Moses Cone. She is doing great, her heart rate got back to normal rather fast. I am glad she is doing good. We sent her a card hopefully she will get it soon. I guess we should send her some flowers. I hope her pacemaker is something that will help with her heart problems.

So how about Hurricane Rita? This is CRAZY. I feel so bad for all the people in the gulf coast region. They have been hit so hard so many times in the past 2 years. These past 2 ones have been enormous and scary. I am glad Frances and Jeanne weren't anything like these because Orlando, and it's surrounding cities etc would have been destroyed. The gulf coast has just had some sort of target on it since last year. I remember the one that hit the panhandle when we were in florida, and I remember thinking that it was something i didn't remember happening when we were growing up. When we were kids we always thought that the east coast like our beaches in NC and Florida were the only places that got hit. Boy were we wrong, uh?. It's crazy to think how awful these two hurricanes have been. Katrina and now Rita, is about to hit. It's crazy. I just hope that since the storm has turned that people aren't being caught off gaurd. I kept telling Jordan and Angie that it was going to turn, that they needed to be evacuating the people in SW LA, and SE Texas. I hope everyone stays safe through this one.

Hopefully gas doesn't go up a lot this time. I got gas in Newburyport and it was 2.83 a gallon, which I should have stopped at another station that had it for 2.74. It is crazy how much it goes up.

Poor LA, I can't believe it is feeling up again. I had a feeling this would happen though. I have felt sick just thinking about all the hardships these families are going throuh.

Almost forgot about the bus that caught fire today. That just made me think of all the buses we've seen in our lifetime that have been blown up in the Middle East. It didn't look like a scene out of America, it was weird.

Well I will let everyone know how NY goes.


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Nice blog.. Have fun in NY..

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