Monday, September 05, 2005

Plum Island

So today Jordan, Katie and I decided to go to the Newburyport, Plum Island area of Ma. We slept late, but we still had plenty of time to go to the coast for a little bit. It was nice to get our toes in the sand. The water was freezing, but we just went to get some fresh air. It's beautiful there. So the following are images that Jordan and I took while we were there. The beach is huge, takes forever to actually reach the water. There were giant seagulls, fishing boats, lots of fisherman, a lighthouse, and peace and quiet. We loved it. We hope to get back there again before it gets too cold to get the sand between our toes.

Plum Island Lighthouse
in the distance

Jordan and Katie

Going back to the car


The path in the sand to the beach


The "crowd"

Fishing Boat coming in

the beach the other direction

An extremely old pier

Sunny day

Testing the waters

It was cold, but not so much that
you didn't get your toes wet

Having Fun at Plum Island


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