Tuesday, September 13, 2005

China Town Bus

Katie is coming here again this weekend. I can't wait for her to come this weekend. I am working this week, and friday night after I work I am going to Boston to get her from the station. Then we may go over to Chris and Jamie's house for a while and to get Jordan.

Saturday I don't know what we will do, we might go to Salem, or something. We may try to find the Chick Fil A in Nashua. It'd be nice to have some polynesian sauce.

Next weekend I'm going to NY to see her and to see her new apartment etc. I am pretty excited about that. I haven't been to NY since 2003 when she was in Chelsea. I think we are going to go to a museum and maybe the central park zoo. She is going to also take me to the restaurants that she likes etc. I am so excited about it all.

Yay for family being nearby!


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