Sunday, December 11, 2005

Brunch, new office, Narnia

So today we went to NH to eat brunch with Jessica, Mark, and Christian, and it was very yummy. The place was so nice, very different than anything that we have had since moving from NC. The brunch was huge and they had a chocolate fountain with all kinds of yummy fruit and marshmallows. I had a little of everything that was for breakfast food. The eggs were great, and the fruit was so sweet and juicy. I also had a muffin, and some chocolate covered fruit.

After brunch in NH we went to Jordan's new office in Andover. It took us so long to find the place because mapquest gives the worst directions i've ever seen in my life! We stopped and asked someone for directions and finally found it. It's way out in the country, not somewhere you'd think you'd find business's. There isn't much else around other than factory's and homes.

After we got back to Methuen we went to the theatre and saw The Chronicles of Narnia, it was amazing. I have to say that Walden Media did an amazing job on the Lion in the movie. It was my favorite CG character throughout the movie. We definitely enjoyed the movie, and I hope that everyone who has ever read the book goes to see the movie. It is something that I'll probably get on DVD when it comes out because it is one that I'll want to watch during holidays or something. I hope they make the other volumes to it.

So now I'm home and finishing up laundry, talk about fun. I've almost got it all finished. I actually packed away the last of Jordan's summer shorts tonight. Good Bye summer stuff completely. It will be june before we need that stuff again.

Since we aren't going home for Christmas I am going to have to go and mail everyone's gifts and cards. FUN. I have all these boxes to fill, so far they are filling up pretty fast. Gotta mail a box to Angie and Ken with everyone's gifts in that one. Then gotta mail one to my mom and one to my dad's house. I haven't got my sister anything for christmas yet, gotta figure out what she would like or needs. I think I might get her something from Old Navy or just give her money since she is at that age where she is really hard to shop for.

Well I am going to go fold up another load of laundry. I will probably have some more pics to add to this later in the week.


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