Sunday, December 25, 2005

Merry Christmas Everyone!

My new printer, the Canon Selphy

Jordan's new console, the PS2.

Opening up stuff to go along with the PS2

Giftcard from MawMaw and stocking stuffers

This was the end result!

A new watch!

My nice ghetto giftbag

Soul Calibur 3

Oreo felt that her boxes shouldn't be thrown away

Games for my new gameboy Micro!

God Of War

Clothing! Yay, new pajama's!

We love Katamari!

Comfy clothing is the best!

Jordan tearing into Guild Wars

Hi Everyone! We hope that everyone is having a great Christmas wherever you are! Jordan and I had a great one, we cheated and did our gift opening on Christmas eve. So we will be spending today enjoying all the wonderful things we got. Movies and video games, and of course breaking in all the new clothing we got. I have this week off so it looks like each day i'll be watching a new dvd. haha, fun times.

Jordan got the PS2, and I got a new 4x6 photo printer by Canon and a Gameboy Micro. So to say the least we had an electronics Christmas. Ihope everyone enjoys the Christmas pics. I wish we were with everyone, but we aren't. So here is to next year being back home.

Merry Christmas to all of the family and friends!



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