Saturday, January 28, 2006

Jordan turns 22 and New furniture

The new id!

Oreo enjoying the new tall bed

It is just so nice to see a bedroom that looks complete!

Angie and Ken snoozing!

Jordan's new spacious desk

Playing GUN on the PS2

So today is Jordan's 22nd birthday. Yesterday Angie and Ken got here and we have been just spending time with them. Today Angie and I went to Rockingham mall and stuff while Jordan and Ken put together our bed from Ikea. I've got some pics to go along with all this. Jordan also got a new desk from ikea when i went about a week ago and i have new pics of it on here.

The bed is SO big compared to what it has been for the past 2 year. haha. It's nice. so here are the pics. i gotta be honest, not in much of a typing mood tonight. i am also posting a pic of my new MA id, we also got the MASS plates on the Honda last week, i'll post a pic of that soon.


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