Friday, January 13, 2006


So I have been a major slacker it would seem! I haven't posted anything since Christmas. Well I haven't taken many pictures and I haven't done much so there hasn't been much to report on. We are enjoying our toys from Christmas and hanging out with friends, that's about it.

I totally didn't take a single pic on New Year's Eve, and I have a page spread in my scrapbook for it and everything, haha. real nice uh. I've decided to put on it "resolutions" of a sort. All we did that night was hang out at Jaime and Chris'. Nothing major, I played Call of Duty 2 until around 5 am. It was fun, and I killed lots of Nazi's. haha. more like they were killing me. I did get a few headshots in on Mike, and Mr. Fielding, but with the rabbit (jordan) playing there was NO chance for me. he kills anything that moves. Jordan is the most awful person to play with because he doesn't even give you a chance, he doesn't make strategic plans, he just bounces and anihilates EVERYTHING!

Tomorrow Shawn Richardson is coming up! YAY, it's an early Birthday Present to Jordan. We don't have much planned as of now, but once we get here i'm sure we'll think of something to do. I had wanted to go to the Museum of Science, Star Wars exhibit, but not sure if the guys want to do that anymore. Maybe we'll just take him and show him our common places we go. It's a lot different than FL, not nearly as much to do or see.

pictured above ^-Jordan and Shawn at Country Club Lanes West, Burlington NC March 2004

At the end of the month Jordan is turning 22 and Angie and Ken will be here for his birthday! Yay! I know that has to be exciting for the three of them to be with him on his birthday since the last one they saw him on was his 20th.

Planning a trip home. So after we get the final things taken care of here we are going to plan a trip home. Maybe in Feb or Mar. We'll have to see what takes place. Thinking it will be a thurs-Sun, or thurs-mon trip.

Well not much else to report on. Things are in a nice routine around here and we are getting back to into it now that all the holidays are over.

(photo at top is Shawn holding a flash for an older camera of ours, photo was taken sometime around 2004)


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