Sunday, June 17, 2007

NC trip/ Family Wedding

I ate it 3 times in one weekend! (not the bologna)
yumm... cheese biscuit diet dr. pepper

Angie and Katie all glammed up

Katie, Angie and Jordan- they all look so nice.

Our Family. I'm the shortest actually..

One Happy Couple

Thursday- 9pm 1st attempt at sleep- no luck. asleep at 1am
Friday- 2am up and dressed- 3am in car on the way to Boston Logan International Airport- 5am Flight to Charlotte- 7am flight to RDU-8:30am JORDAN! yay- breakfast- afternoon nap.
Saturday- Breakfast- get ready for wedding- 3-11 Wedding in Greensboro-
Sunday- 9am up, breakfast- 1pm RDU- 2:15pm Flight to LGA- 5pm Flight to Boston- 7pm home again!


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