Wednesday, September 24, 2008

How sweet of you Oreo

As you see below I made two blankets for Pickles. In an effort to keep the sofa free of puppy yuckies we have been keeping one on the sofa for when she is on the sofa with us. Well to my surprise a few nights ago Oreo decided that she wanted to make use of the blanket as well. Pickles was asleep and I was knitting and Oreo hopped up on the sofa and made herself comfortable. I was so pleased because to me this means that she has accepted Pickles into her life and into our family. It was quite sweet. The two of them stayed there while I worked on a baby sock and watched some tv. Eventually Pickles or Oreo one woke up and decided cuddle/together time was over.

As I said above I was knitting while they were up with me and this is the first sock I made for a newborn. How incredibly tiny and adorable is this thing. I am planning to keep this first set of baby ones for our future children, even though they are still years off. I will put it away along with the crocheted baby blankets that I made years ago for the future Walker babies.

I also have several friends who are expecting little girls in the winter. I will have to make more for them and their little babies. This pattern was incredibly easy and I really enjoyed making them over the past few nights. I will have to add a photo of the two later on because I haven't had the chance to take any photos yet.


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