Sunday, August 31, 2008

Pickles 7 weeks old

We have now had Pickles for 1 full week and she is already a big part of our family. She is hilarious and a big hit at our house. Oreo might not tell you the same thing as she is just extremely curious/ afraid of this new addition but they are becoming more playful with each other.

Today I taught Pickles to sit- using the word command, a hand signal and a tiny piece of treat. She caught on REALLY quick and now does it with the hand command alone! How impressive is that. I also started working with her on the leash some, which is still a bit crazy. She doesn't care for her harness and the pulling feeling it has to produce but she is catching on to how to walk so that it doesn't pull or bother her.

Here are some photos that I took today of her snoozing on our sofa.

She is OUT!

All snuggled up

Doesn't she just have the cutest face?!


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