Saturday, September 06, 2008

Pickles and Oreo adjusting to each other

Watching over her as she snoozes

I just need some sleep!

Out on the sofa after a walk

As if to say- don't make any sudden moves!

Sharing the dog bed

Out on the balcony

Puppy Face!

Pickles came home 2 weeks ago now and so there are still some adjustments going on for Oreo. She is much more of a "I want to be as high off the ground as possible" cat now and she is a bit more assertive with Pickles now than she was a week ago.

I have been encouraging her and bribing her to be a good girl to Pickles- so she understands that being nice to Pickles means treats. It's going pretty well still so I guess it has been an easy addition.

Pickles is 8 weeks old now and quite the character. She loves to chase your feet and to play with all of her toys. She is walking well on the leash and has started going to walks around our apartment complex which totally exhaust her. She sits on command and we are working on lie has been harder than Sit was but we are getting there.


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