Friday, July 18, 2008

Puppy Business

So in the near 6 years that Jordan and I have been together we have gone back and forth on the idea of adopting any new pet, be it dog or cat. We just had a hard time deciding if we wanted to add to our family or not.

We have decided-

In August we will be bringing home a female Miniature Schnauzer to join our life. She was born last Friday, July 11th and I can't wait to meet this new addition to our family. There are books, magazines, pamphlets all about the house and a many of websites have been "bookmarked" this week. I want to make sure I know everything I can to better help me raise a smart, well behaved companion.

We don't get her until late August and I already have the following items in place for her.

1. Crate
2. Lead
3. collar and harness
4. poop bag container with bio-degradable bags
5. shampoo
6. puppy kong
7. play mat
8. a knit blanket for her
9. food bowl
10. other assorted items

I am excited to say the least. It was just one of those things we decided to do. Reasons for doing it now versus later

a) we are still living in an apartment, so if accidents happen it isn't the end of the world
b) we don't have children yet so i have the time to devote to training her
c) i only work 3 days a week currently which make training her a lot easier
d) help us motivate to get outdoors to exercise

Oreo is going to be interesting with this new addition I am sure. My thought is that she will be angry and not enjoy this new loud tiny fur ball in our home, but once she gets adjusted to the sounds and activity they will become great friends. Oreo needs someone to play with and keep her happy in this stage of her life. She has been without animal companion since she was 8 weeks old!

I can't think of much else that is new and exciting. I will post pictures of the new fuzzy one as soon as we have some.

Wish us luck!


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