Wednesday, October 01, 2008

My Tuesday Morning....more blankets.... Pickles...and more

I need to iron out the wrinkles...

So here is how my Tuesday morning went. Both animals were going nuts for food and to attack each other/play/escape. We have Oreo's food and water bowl on the purple container that we keep her food in to keep Pickles from eating it. Well I have NO clue what happened here but as I poured Pickles food I just heard bangs and the sounds of porcelain breaking and this is what I turned around to. You can't see it but there is water all over the floor into the laundry room and just a huge mess in general. The bowl is one I painted when we decided to get Pickles... good bye bowl.

how sweet... I'm sure I will hear about this one

A blanket I made tonight to go in the car

We have been keeping one of the blankets next to the sofa and she goes and lies on it when we are on the sofa. How sweet is that.

I think she likes it.

I know she loves this one


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