Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Halloween- Knitting Group and Pickles!

freshly shaven!

Oreo's paw is literally in Pickles mouth

Some guy dressed as Quailman- from Doug-
his girlfriend was also dressed as Quailman


again- lots of drunk people...

Miss Sushi!

Miss Sushi and her accomplice

noooo- we had NOT been drinking...

I can honestly say this is one of the ONLY times
I can remember being intoxicated
in public. It was actually a lot of fun. lol.

Pickles taking shelter in the "cat house"

I cannot believe she is almost 5 months old already.

The knitting group that I started at Crabtree Valley Mall-
Nikki you had the best pic I hope that
you don't mind if I used it here. :)

yarn and lunch.

so much fun

I've been slack this year at posting blogs- well anything other than photos that is. It's been an odd year for me- lots of ups and downs. I've slacked off in my writing about my life I know. It's just really hit me that I haven't written much in months.

I do have more photos that I want to share though. :)


Blogger Nik said...

Oh My God, I'm going to steal your dog. So cute.

I don't mind you taking the picture. I'm especially glad that you added the missing names to it *lol*.

11:38 AM  

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