Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Wow it's 2009

so pretty

another pair of socks
just in your face!

how pickles plays on the sofa with a squeaky

Her pink lush hat

Heidi's hat for Christmas

Shawn's finished hat

some beautiful yarn from a friend for Christmas- soo soft

a recent scarf project- that I will finish eventually.


Epic Christmas Party 2008

winter park fun

my ears are NOT big

Merry Christmas

we had an incident with the clippers- whoops.
she got to be space dog for a couple weeks

she was "yarning" shawn's hat

semi smiling

ok- so the hat did fit when I made it... she grew

shawn was with us of course

hannah was sweet and shared the bed

pickles the space dog

dad looks excited

who wouldn't smile over wall-e?

a very happy jordan with his new D-80

He may have stroked out for a minute


The sweet potato hat I made her for Christmas

Katie wearing the Republic Hat that I knit her in the fall


couch potato


I think that she means business

yum bone

Angie and Ken

Her beard is actually clean

She is a cuddle bug


opening gift

Katie in the hat I made her for Christmas- opening her gift

Happiest Pup in the World!
As anyone can see I've been behind for a while. So here is a LOAD of photos from the past few months. November, December and January. Knitting, Christmas, Pickles- us- lots of random stuff.


Blogger Jan said...

Love your pup!!! Found you on Ravelry Schnauzer knits group. Pickles reminds me so much of our girl... :-)

7:40 PM  

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