Sunday, February 01, 2009

February Already

So today is the second of February and I feel like this past month has flown by. I can't imagine the entire year flying by so quickly. There is so much we want to do this year and so many things I hope we can enjoy in 2009.

In just 2 months we will celebrate our first wedding anniversary- which it does not seem like it has already been 10 months since our wedding. I still haven't even gotten all the photos printed that I want. I have hung a few photos up on the wall and have a few more on my desk waiting to be framed or put in an album.

Tonight I made these: DIY sock blockers- how awesome is that? Instead of spending $15-30 I spent a lovely $3 and made these myself. Now granted I may need to make a different pair for men's socks or for kids socks but for the amount I can afford to! Yay for a thrifty project!

Here is the tutorial for this project

I'm still not talking with my Mom- yep.. the last time we spoke or even saw each other was the wedding. Oh well. We are writing but the problem with that is she is never going to tell the truth or all the bad stuff in letters. I guess at least we are having some form of communication. Every time I see my therapist that is one of the first things she asks me and I always feel almost guilty or slack that I haven't called my Mom, but honestly I'm just not ready. A few weeks ago I was missing her so much. It was after Christmas and I just got down about the entire situation, and I got down about the fact that I am pretty sure it does not really affect my mom in any way shape or form. She's still living her wild life and everything like nothing else is going on and as if nothing bothers her. She and my dad are back to talking and going behind my back to talk. Lovely. Annoying. Stupid. Oh the words that I can use to describe their relationship. It is so ridiculous.

I am working on socks and my skills with that have definitely gotten better which makes me happy. There are so many projects that I am just aching to start. I have plans to do the noro striped scarf and I want to do some socks using my dumbledore yarn from Asheville- not to mention the two sarves that are just waiting for me to finish and love them. Then I need to finish Jordan's ear flap.. I am totally dragging my feet with that one.

I do have to say that I am so glad that I have made knitting friends in the area. I enjoy the idea of having these people around to knit with- and who share my same lust for things of the wool variety. My thanks have to go to for making that happen- I messaged fellow knitters in the area to find out about starting a knitting group and how big of an interest there was and I am just so glad I did because I feel like I've met some awesome women.

Here are my goals for 2009

1. Buy a house (with at least 20% down)
2. Pay off Jordan's car
3. Learn to do cables
4. Learn to do two socks at once
5. try some color work with something- even if it is a hat.
6. make more stuff for me
7. travel more
8. get back in shape.. and eat healthy again..
9. be more neat in my desk area at home
10. get out with friends more

Things I look forward to

1. canoeing/kayaking this spring/summer
2. being more fit
3. loweing my cholesterol
4. celebrating our first anniversary
5. traveling!
6. knitting more for myself
7. finishing more books!
8. turning 25- for some odd reason that excites me.
9. buying a home- getting away from apartments!
10. having a garage!!! haha


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