Thursday, August 18, 2005

More Pizza Party

We got some Great pics at the pizza party in NC. Between everyone's camera's we caught a little of all the family.

Below are just pics of that and the long drive from NC to MA. We didn't think we'd ever get to Methuen once we got to Massachusetts. But we finally did and man were we ready to go to bed.

The pictures aren't in any specific order. Just on here. i think they almost go completely backwards. I have more to load later.

Jordan took this one of us in the malibu

We decided to go to Boston, this is right out of
the North Station at Quincy's Market.

Monday morning, pulling out of the driveway in NC.
This was almost a disaster because somehow
Ken and Jordan didn't shut the door on the
back of the truck. Thank goodness i
noticed it before leaving the driveway!

My little brother Keven, probably one of
the best pics i've ever had of him

Stephen Hopkins, Jordan, and
Louis (with no hair)

Richard, me, Amber and my Mom all together

Sara Saul and I. I was so glad
to see she made it there

Stephen and Jordan

This is my neice Amber, isn't
she the cutest little thing

Friends From PCC and high school all
together at the Pizza party.

The cake Angie got us, we took a great
deal of it with us to MA,
and man was it good.

Charlie Walker with my Dad talking
about recent happenings


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