Friday, October 07, 2005

The smell of Fall

Over the past week or so we've had several days and nights that have felt like fall. In the evening you get that feeling, it's a feeling you can't explain, but you can feel in your bones, and it screams to you fall is on it's way here. It reminds me of being a little kid, when you just start becoming aware of the seasons changing, probably around first grade. It makes me think of playing in the woods near our house and how I used to love it when I would come in and my nose and face would be chilled from the cool air setting in.

Living in Florida really made me miss the fall. I think Jordan and I both are rather ready for the cooler weather to be around us. I dont' think we are ready for the winter here yet though. We need to have the honda serviced and snow tires put on. We also need more winter clothes. It's awful, we have such a small selection of winter clothes here, we've both gotten more jeans, but we need under armor and sweaters. Jordan needs a new jacket for the cold weather, and I may get one eventually to help keep me warm.

I am ready for something of winter I guess, but it's kinda scary to think of what the winter will be here. We've never experienced a winter here before and so neither of us know what to expect really. I guess we will adjust as it comes in. I know we will like it until it's like April and it is still snowing. HAHA. oh well better than florida.


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