Monday, February 13, 2006


So today is my 51st post! CRAZY! How time flies, it's crazy how much I have done on here.

So let's get to the topic of today. Katie was here over the weekend, we had a good time with her. We took her to NBPT to Fowles and had a tasty brunch. Katie had the lemon raspberry french toast with eggs. Jordan had some sort of toasted egg sandwich, and I had the eggs, meat and toast. It was delightful! :) Saturday night we had Cracker Barrel, which was a yummy starchy treat! I think Katie enjoyed it beacuse she doesn't have it in the city.

So the next subject would be the official "Blizzard" that occurred this weekend. We got somewhere around 2 ft of snow, and no I didn't take any pics. It was too wet to take the camera out and take any :( However the 3 of us did go out and goof off in it some. Katie managed to knock not only me, but Jordan down in this huge snow pile, but somehow with our powers combined Jordan and I couldn't manage to take her down. It was sad. haha.

So my mom is having surgery for kidney stones again on Wednesday. This will be the second time that she has had this surgery. So keep her in your thoughts and prayers. I think she is worried about it going smoothly. I am confident that it will go well and that she'll be able to recover fast.


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