Wednesday, July 18, 2007

My Mom Visits

My Mom in the hat I made her

She picked the yarn from my stash and I made
it between Saturday and Tuesday


Paul Revere Mall Fountain

The reef at Boston's Aquarium

Paul Revere

Not the best photo of the shark,
but the best one I was able to get

Myrtle Turtle- literally that's her name


I love this fish

Lion Fish

looking into the tank

Shower anyone?

Really it's nice!

My boxes in our office

more boxes

The Holocaust Memorial

Our first kitchen table. I bought while in NC over
the 4th- finally no more eating on the sofa!

My Mom came to visit me and we did a lot of packing as you can see by my boxes above. She did some cleaning for me, which is helpful, because now I can focus on finishing my packing. I also made her that hat from Classic Elite Yarns Lush (angora wool) and it fit her small head great.

Only a few more weeks and we move. The past few weeks have been rather emotional. I'm excited to be with Jordan again, but sad at the thought of leaving my families here in New England. It's a lot to take in at once. Wish me luck, because I know my eyes are going to continue to be swollen over the next few weeks.


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