Monday, October 22, 2007

Fall- Drought- Wedding- Busy

So living in North Carolina is going well. We've had a great (busy) few month's here together. It's stayed hot the entire time I've been here until maybe a week ago, although it is still warm for my liking, it is at least cooling off some. We are dealing with a major drought here in the Cary area, and to my memory it's only rained three times in the three months I've lived here.

About three weeks ago on a Wednesday morning I was showering and it suddenly hit me that the Wedding date we had set aside for "THE DATE" for our wedding was only 3.5 months away. I freaked! Well, that was a good thing because since then we have ordered my dress, picked the venue (placing the down payment tomorrow), picked out the invitations, bought bridesmaids dresses, chosen the color theme, and chosen our favors etc.

It's been a crazy crazy month. We've been up and down and all around. A lot of good things have happened, as well as a lot of sad things, but I think we are doing well. We've stayed so busy since I've moved here that I think this weekend was the first that we slept in, and well... we slept until about 1:30 pm two days in a row. We were both just exhausted.

Today we went to the state fair in Raleigh, and it was crowded, smelly and fun. We ate entirely too many fried foods, and paid way too much to get trampled and fat. It was a good time with our friends Heidi and Shawn though. I guess it was worth it.

Wish me luck on this wedding planning. I think if I hear the words "it's all about the bride" one more time, heads will roll. I'm not a bridezilla. I just want a cheap, wedding that expresses to some extent who we are.

Happy Fall everyone!

in memory of Mary Walker or as we knew her Maw Maw


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