Tuesday, October 30, 2007


Southern Animal Fiber Festival October 26-27 2007 Asheville North Carolina

Myself along with Angie and a knitting friend of hers we went to SAFF this past weekend. Of course my stash grew in size, how could I not buy some of the delicious yarn they had available there. It was only one night, and 2 days at the festival, but we had a great time.

I met with some of the fellow Ravelry-ers in the Blue Barn and talked with them about stands etc (as I had forgotten my knitting that morning in the hotel) and got my photo taken with the mascot, Bob.

Fall has finally arrived to us here in Cary North Carolina. Today when I left my house it was a "freezing" 35 degrees outside! I was in heaven! FINALLY! FALL...

Tomorrow is Halloween, and can you believe I've not decorated? I didn't even buy pumpkins this year. I guess my mind has just been on other matters. Maybe next year.

I am getting in a Christmas mood. Knitting gifts, making up "to buy" lists. Wrapping paper and ribbon is dancing through my dreams at night. I'm ready to bring it out and to start gift wrapping all the treasures I've found throughout the year. I know I will at some point in the next couple of weeks.

November is nearly here, which means my 23rd Birthday, Thanksgiving, and only 5 weeks from Christmas. I'm ready for chilly weather, coats and scarves. I do believe that we will have to take a trip to the mountains and go snow tubing! I hope we get the chance to do that.


Happy Halloween Everyone!


Blogger Patricia said...

Great, you found it! I am happy to have met you. Can't wait to see your projects!

6:27 AM  
Blogger Coach Susan said...

Hi Cutie Pie. Great picture of you. We've been missing you at the Reading Starbucks on Wed. nights.

Sounds like the wedding plans are coming together. My gonna-commit-murder-if-I-hear-it-again phrase was the one about how one's wedding was supposed to be "the best day of your life." I finally started replying, "I certainly hope not." Because, really, if it ain't going to get any better and you're only in your 20's, what's the point of carrying on another 60 years?

Be warned: the people who say these silly things are the first ones who will start bugging you about "when are you going to have a baby?" The Pitter Patter People, I call them (well, not until just now actually -- wish I'd thought of it sooner!)

You look happy. But then, you always did. :o) Enjoy the crazy whirlwind of wedding planning and don't forget to match dollar-for-dollar what you spend on the wedding to what you invest in your honeymoon!

9:13 AM  

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