Thursday, June 19, 2008


I was in a department store a few days ago and heard a lady complaining about having two children and that her husband had been working long hours. The clerk engaged her in conversation and she said "he's working such long hours and with the two children it's just so hard".


1. Two kids is pretty normal for American families, hard work but nothing over the top unless you have little brats.

2. Long hours typically means 10+ in my book.


She said her husband was working 9.5 hours a day and not getting home until 6:30 or 7:00 every night.

I can say it is frustrating to get home later than normal but really? That is hard for her?

So after hearing this lady complain about this I became so confrontational (in my mind). I wanted to walk up to her and ask her the following questions rather gruffly.

1. Why is 9.5 such a long day?
2. Is your husband eventually home every night?
3. What do you suppose Military wives do?
4. Why are your two children so difficult for that amount of time?

Here's why it made me nuts.

I am not in the military nor is Jordan but we know people who are and how hard it is on their spouses and kids when they are gone.

I just couldn't help thinking about Military Wives/Mothers. There are so many and of course a lot of them have children. I wonder what MRS OVERWHELMED would think about having her husband gone for a good 2 years and she is home working and caring for 3 children. Not having your best friend/husband there with her at all to discuss life at the end of the day.

So many of our Military Moms go for very long periods of time without family living near by with 2+ children to care of all on their own. Meanwhile we have stay at home mom complaining about her life and how she can't get anything done with the kids, yadda yadda yadda.

I feel like people should be aware of the War, the Military and the gap it leaves in so many people's home life.

I hope MRS OVERWHELMED will think of this side of the story one day.

man I really wish I had confronted her now....


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