Saturday, May 24, 2008

100 Things

1. I was raised by my Maternal Grandmother and step grandpa.
2. I was an only child until I was 12. gained a step sister
3. My dad had a son when I was 17, making me a half sister
4. I still love cartoons, like Talespin and Chip 'n Dale Rescue Rangers
5. I am obsessed with baby knitting
6. I learned to crochet before knitting. I learned in 2003/2004.
7. I learned to knit in 2006.
8. I still have the first rows I ever knit..
9. I am obsessed with checking my emails...
10. My husband and I went through school together, elementary, middle & high, but because he was a year ahead of me we didn't officially meet until late high school.
11. We immediately disliked one another.
12. He was my peer tutor in my art class. I always needed help.
13. We became really close after having oral surgeries. Me- tonsils, him- wisdom teeth.
14. Our first official date was out to eat at Applebees and then to the movies to see Austin Powers Gold Member.
15. We lived with his parents for two years while in school.
16. Our first apartment was in Orlando Florida.
17. Our first weekend in our first apartment was when Hurricane Frances beat central Florida.
18. We moved from Orlando to Methuen Massachusetts.
19. In 18 months we went through three hurricanes and 2 blizzards.
20. I can parallel park better than my Husband.
21. We adopted a cat in Orlando that was born during Hurricane Charley.
22. For 2.5 years we only had one car.
23. I have only ever lived alone for 3 months.
24. I am a Nanny.
25. I enjoy teaching infants sign language
26. Potted plants are all over my house!
27. I love to race go carts
28. I hate days under 20 degrees or over 80 degrees
29. I never played ANY sports growing up.
30. In Middle and High School I played the clarinet.
31. I still have some of the steps from marching band shows memorized.
32. I love baking.
33. I enjoy cooking.
34. I hate washing dishes... and loading a dishwasher.
35. I talk in my sleep still.
36. I got engaged in September 2006.
37. I got married April 2008.
38. I had ovarian cysts in middle school and high school.
39. I had uterine polyps removed in March 2007.
40. Because of this I have always been open about talking about my reproductive system.
41. I can drive a car with a manual transmission.
42. I won the spelling bee in my 7th grade year, got sick and my back up had to go to school bee.
43. I have never had strep throat.
44. I have never broken a bone.
45. I have never had stitches (other than my mouth/wisdom teeth)
46. My favorite music is Classic Rock
47. I enjoy scrap booking, just don't have enough time.
48. I will eat icing right out of the bowl.
49. I could eat spaghetti once every week
50. Every day I eat a banana.
51. My favorite tv channels are BBCamerica, History, Science, Discovery, Investigation Discovery and MSNBC
52. I really hate short texting/messaging. Stuff that teenagers tend to type YUCK!
53. I hate to see misspelled words.
54. My favorite kind of video games are games where you shoot and kill , such as Gears of War, Ghost Recon , and then fighting games such as Dead or Alive and Soul Calibur.
55. I am a roller coaster freak! LOVE THEM
56. Get overheated really easily.
57. Which leads to dehydration and vomiting.
58. I own entirely too much lip gloss
59. I watch Lockup Raw at night before I go to sleep.
60. I miss riding a bike.. in the way I did in my childhood
61. I make my own stitch markers for my knitting.
62. I have a picky palette.
63. I love fruit!
64. I like most veggies, but would prefer to eat most uncooked.
65. Snakes freak me out, and my first instinct is to kill them.
66. Anthropology was my favorite class.
67 . Shows about murders and murderers fascinate me.
68. I had eight grandparents.
69. Swinging at playgrounds is so much fun.
70. I don't like coffee from a coffee pot.
71. My favorite alcohol is tequila, mainly in margarita's.
72. Until about 6 years ago I never ate ethnic food.
73. I consider going to a dentist who performs sedation dentistry.
74. In 2005 I got to see the space shuttle take off.
75. Going on long walks with a jogging stroller are a favorite past time of mine.
76. I can change a diaper in under 30 seconds.
77. I watch between 1 and 3 movies a week
78. I have had to walk out of 3 movies, a) Kung Pow because it was dumb. b) Kill Bill Volume 1 because it made me sick on my stomach and c) Pan's Labyrinth because it was a bit too bloody at a few scenes for me.
79. I had braces from 1998 until 2000 which required me to have four teeth removed.
80. I had 5 wisdom teeth.
81. When living in MA I missed being able to buy Pimento cheese in store.
82. I really dislike Panera Bread meals. I love their bagel and danish selection but salads are not that great.
83. I have been to about 15 states in the US.
84. I really want to go overseas.
85. I love to watch Mythbusters.
86. Our living room has about 20 picture frames of all our family and friends.
87. Another TV addiction of mine is Law & Order, pretty much ANY of them.
88. In 9Th and 10th grade I marched in the Disney Electric Lights Parade. Within a year of the last one they discontinued it.
89. My favorite painting is Pablo Picasso's Guernica.
90. One of my favorite artists is Frida Kahlo.
91. Mitch Albom books are amazing and usually quite tearful reads for me.
92. I am counting down the days until the next Harry Potter movie.. and reading through the first four books currently (already finished the last ones)
93. I still enjoy sitting down with a box of crayons and a coloring book- especially when sick or recovering.
94. I have a very strange love of Children's books, especially winners of the Caldecott.
95. When I hear a voice narrating or I see someone in a movie/TV show that seems familiar I immediately run to IMDB.
96. I can't wait to own a home.
97. So we can think seriously abut another cat
98. I am seriously considering knitting baby items and just saving them for my future children.
99. I love walking on the beach late at night
100. I love going to the NC mountains and hitting up the old general stores.

just a 100 random things about me.

enjoy :)


Blogger Mohican said...

Wow! This is great, I actually read through all 100. I will definitely bring myself to do this someday.

Love your blog.

P.S. You should try and finish Pan's Labyrinth, it is violent at times, and distressing, but it is beautiful, a movie that stays in your mind after it's ended. :)

4:38 PM  

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