Sunday, June 29, 2008

New Car, Knitting, MRI

My Sherbrooke Cowl in progress

A dress I made for Lily

Another shot of it

A dress I made for Emerson

The dress minus the button

My Cowl finished and on :)

I wish it was fall/winter so I could wear it now

I think it might look good with yellow in the fall

It was bright outside while taking the photos so I kept scrunching my face

My Persimmon Tree Scarf

it looks long, but not long enough yet..

It is going to be so nice to wear

Sherbrooke Cowl

Sherbrooke cowl in progress

My Republic Hat

Another Republic Hat

Top of other republic hat

Is the button big enough?

Can't wait to wear this either!

This week was a busy week. My wrist has been alternating weeks of pain and no pain, so for one week no knitting for the next LOTS of knitting. This week I knit a few adult hats, a baby/toddler hat, a cowl for myself, almost finished a scarf I've been knitting for forever and did some other little things too.

For the wrist pain I've been seeing an upper extremity orthopeadist in Raleigh and so on Friday I had a MRI done on it. I go back in two weeks to find out if I do indeed have a ganglion cyst or what is going on in there. It's really quite annoying, especially how it just starts hurting and will hurt really bad for a few days and then get better for a few and then come back worse than the previous time.

Hooray! We bought a new car! Since we lived here we have had 2 cars off and on, the honda is quite finicky. Ken and Jordan did all this work when we moved here to put a button/switch in it to by-pass the switch that turned on the fuel pump and it has pretty much stopped being the magical cure for the Honda. We have gotten to the point where if we do drive it, if we have to make more than one stop when you get ready to drive again it won't go UNLESS you hold the button in. This wouldn't be so bad if the button was on say the steering wheel or just in the upper part of the "cabin", but it is down near where fuses go.. so near the floor. I'm quite short as you all know and so this is a trick of the most amazing kind to see me drive this car home while holding the button, changing gears, pushing in the clutch etc, all the while my face is literally lying on the steering wheel/airbag. So yes, the Honda has been in our parking lot for the past 3 months and has only been driven, lets say twice since our wedding in April. She's been put out of commission by her own actions.

So while we've only had the lancer that means I'm off driving Jordan to work in the mornings then getting myself to work etc, then returning in the evenings to get him. With him crunching this often means me driving home first and then back out a few hours later to pick him up from work. The lancer has seen lots of work in her first few years of ownership. I think she made 5 trips to and from MA.. which was nearly 800 each way, so LOTS of her mileage are from that.

Since the wedding was over we have been saving for our new car. We wanted to be able to put half of the total cost down on the car. We were able to do that so on Saturday Jordan and his dad went and took care of everything, so Monday we pick up the new car. We got a 2008 Mazda Speed 3 in a dark grey color. I can't wait to see it! (I was in Southern Pines with Angie while this was going on) It's going to be nice to have 2 cars again.

I can't think of any other news really.. that's about it.


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