Saturday, July 05, 2008

A Tribute to THE Honda

So as many of you know Jordan and I have been driving a 1994 Honda Accord for a while now. She has had her good days and her bad, but always been there. This Honda made it through Hurricanes, Blizzards, and Ice Storms. She has definitely lived a very long life now well over 300,000 miles. This blog is in tribute to the car that has seen us from North Carolina, to Florida to Massachusetts and back to North Carolina and all the hard work that went into keeping her alive (thanks Dad).

Each of the following photos of THE Honda will depict different injuries that she has survived through over time.

If you will look at the above photo you will see an area near the right side that looks scratched- it got side swiped by a Jeep Cherokee in Salem NH sometime during the winter of 2005. The lady driving the SUV sped away.

The Speedometer says 254, 302 when in actuality it is much higher, but the speedometer does not always work so many miles were never added.

All the salt/sand from Massachusetts winters just
destroyed the clear coat of the Honda's hood.

Rubber is still there for the most part. Under the duct tape is a button that bypasses a switch that turns on the fuel pump. The tape is there to hold the button down as we drove from Cary to Elon.

Just a full view of the Honda

If you will look above you will see dashes of white paint. A white Subaru WRX in the parking lot where we lived in MA swiped it while parking. UGH.

Above is the most recent and annoying injury. I came home one night to see someone had hit the driver side of the Honda. It has lovely white paint and dents and the reflector got broken. The person left a note with a phone number. When we called they said they weren't that person etc etc. How annoying. We tried on several occasions to call the number back- they never answered.

Another view of the honda

While living with Jordan's parents the passenger side door got hit by a dog. When I say dog I mean beast. On a nearby street there is a dog that loves to chase cars and one day when Jordan was driving home the dog was chasing a truck and ran right into the door leaving the above dent. The dog still chases cars.

No real damage to the front end, just a blurry headlight and lots of odd white marks, which we think are from the sand in Massachusetts.

Good-Bye Clear Coat.

Apparently we could never get the key in on the first try. haha


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