Sunday, March 29, 2009

I got bitten....

I took the plunge last week into Stephenie Meyer's first book, Twilight. Within 3 days I had completed the 500 pages. Now I am reading New moon which in 3 days I've made it to page 400. I'm hooked. I''m totally on team Edward right now... and just love the characters so much. I have not figured out yet how I feel about Jacob.

Last night I watched Twilight on blu-ray and I have already re-watched it. I enjoyed it. Edward and Bella are such great characters. Alice and Jasper were great. I am thinking about making the Alice scarf for the release of New Moon. I think that would be a great scarf for November.

I told my friends Heather and Melissa that after reading Twilight I have an entire new appreciation for my birthstone, topaz, like Edwards eyes. haha.

I will hopefully burn through the rest of New Moon this evening and move on to Eclipse either tonight or tomorrow.

Well back to Jacob, Bella, Sam and the lack of Edward.


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