Wednesday, October 26, 2005

Cider Hill Farm & Our first Noreaster

Cider Hill Farm is in Amesbury MA, near Newburyport and it's just a normal farm. There were pumpkins, apples and carolina raspberries in season. I also got some cider from there country store, and it was so yummy.

After picking about 30 apples we went back to their home in Newburyport and we made apple pies. We each made 2 and they turned out awesome. Within the first night Jordan and I had almost finished off the first pie. It was so good. I think we'll save our second one though until Katie comes up again or something.

Jessica and Christian
this was taken while we were up
on the main apple hill

Christian and I down at
the car after picking apples

I think Christian enjoyed
his day out

How about this crazy weather? After Wilma hit Florida she rushed her way up here and we had a Noreaster, which was extremely messy weather. The wind was something fierce, the rain was heavy, and the temps were burr. In New Hampshire, Vermont, upper state New York, and Pennsylvania there was a lot of snow. Our friends in Boone NC, have even said they had snow. I checked the temperatures there and it was colder there than here in Methuen. Some serious Burr, thick jacket time, weather.

YAY! My new camera came today. I got a Canon Powershot A520. It's a 4MP small digital camera, but I wanted a small one of my own to do my own thing with. It seems to be pretty simple to use. I've been reading the book on it tonight. I am hoping it's pretty enough tomorrow to take it out and take pictures with, maybe around Newburyport or here. I need to post some images of our town on here. I am pretty sure that nobody has really seen our little town.

Well I am going to get busy reading this manual. I hope to have some new images up within a day or two.


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