Sunday, October 23, 2005

The Leaves are falling

So the fall is definitely here. The jackets are being worn and the scarves are being tied up tight around my neck in the mornings. It is definitely the fall here in Methuen. Meanwhile we here from our friends in Florida and they are talking about 90 degree weather and Hurricane Wilma. I am glad we aren't there dealing with their version of fall weather.

Halloween is about a week away and we've got our costumes together for the most part. I'm going to be an 80's chick and Jordan is going to be the main character from The Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy. So we are both going to be pretty relaxed with our costumes i guess. I'm excited about it, but not sure if Jordan is. I think he really wanted to be something complicated and we just didn't put the energy into it this year. I'll have my new camera by then so I should have tons of pictures posted from it. I haven't posted any recently, mainly because nothing has been happening.

I did go apple picking with Jessica and Christian this past Thursday which was soo much fun, and I hope that the pictures turn out great from that. I will get them back tomorrow. I know she took a couple before we left from Cider Hill Farms. The farm was very pretty, all the trees had changed colors and everything. It was a windy day, and it was precious because each time a gust would hit Christian he would squeal, but whenever the sun would hit his face or whenever i'd look at him he'd laugh and giggle. I definitely think he enjoyed his day out.

Jordan and I are planning our Christmas trip home to NC. We are going to try and go home for about a week. We just want to see everyone and have a normal holiday together. I've already started on our Christmas cards, since I make them by hand it takes a while. I think they are coming along pretty fast considering how long I've been working on them.

Well I'll post the pics from Apple Picking as soon as I get them.

Hope everyone is enjoying their fall!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Happy B-Day, one day ill buy u a tall cold one.

9:13 PM  
Blogger Amanda said...

Thanks Dan! I hope that day comes...maybe around the holidays! keep us informed!

10:53 PM  

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