Wednesday, November 21, 2007

It's Beginning to look a lot like Christmas!

Tomorrow is Thanksgiving, it's Practically Here!

I've been working on getting our decorations done and up and ready for the Christmas Season. It's here... again! I cannot believe that it is already here again. I think back to everything that was happening this time last year and my how our lives have changed again. Last year we were just buying our new car, which we've successfully put 21, 347 miles on since, and we had a house full of family and friends. Friends were just finding out they were expecting and family members were planning weddings! We had just gotten engaged and things were going well for the most part.

A year later we are in a different state, not a new state, but a different one, where the weather is warmer than I care for, but Jordan thrives in. We are close to family again, so we see them quite a bit and we've organized an unspoken routine of seeing our closest friends. Our wedding planning is nearly complete and our jobs are going wonderful- for both of us!

It feels as though mentally we've been in a state of transition nearly all year. Preparing for job hunting, job interviews, moving, packing, moving, driving, flying, apartment hunting, moving, etc etc. It's been a constant state of transition, that I am quite glad to see going out the window to some extent- I'm ready for the normal daily life to come back to our lives.

Wedding Planning is draining, and mainly because I go against the grain in wedding planning, I don't want the BIG TO DO~ with flowers and ribbons everywhere. I want a simple, AMANDA and JORDAN wedding, not a designer spend a down payment on a home wedding. I grit my teeth every time I think of something else we have to do... however... I am ABSOLUTELY in love with my dress and the place ( oh and Jordan too) ! It's going to be fabulous, even if I have to down few glasses of wine to stay calm and together! I'll make it through with a wonderful smile of accomplishment! We did it, 5 years and nearly 8 months later and we did it... we said the big "I DO" like we knew we would. What a wonderful feeling that will be. Married.

Christmas is here and I can't wait to see Katie. I wish she was here to go to a lot of this stuff with me, helping me with flowers and colors and everything, although her brother is really much better at all this than I am. We meet with a caterer on Friday, and I am hoping they are the one, and we can quit looking and price checking etc. It will be a great relief to have one more thing done!

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Happy Thanksgiving. Love the tree.

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