Monday, May 25, 2009

Sunday May 24th 2009

Today I went to Hillsborough to the yarn shop there.. it only took me what 18 months to drive the 40 miles to it. Lazy me. I have definitely been missing out. The lady working at the shop was very helpful and the shop had an interesting selection and a pretty large stock. I was pleased over all. After that I met Jordan at SouthPoint to help him shop for sun glasses. We found none. This evening we went to see Terminator Salvation.. we both enjoyed it overall. I thought that some of the cg was pretty accurate. Yay for one more day of time off. Tomorrow will be a mix of laundry, cleaning, cooking, grocery shopping, Big Love, Stardust, and Sookie Stackhouse! I am currently on Book 3.... wishing to be closer to the end already! In the photos to the right are a rainbow I saw on the way home... well you may be able to see it. I seemed to just miss the rain every where I went today. =) not complaining about that by any means.


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