Sunday, April 19, 2009

I am in serious withdrwal.....

It is done. I have finished Twilight, New Moon, Eclipse and Breaking Dawn. I am done. The books are back on the shelf. They are finished. There has never been a set of books that I have finished so quickly and enjoyed so much at the same time. The writing was not perfect and by no means deep but it was so enjoyable to read them, to be at those stages of life in my head (if they were actually like that) and to remember the first feelings of being love. I am still trying to decide what I think of the ending of the saga- have yet to make my mind up but overall I loved the books. In deciding which book I like the most I would probably say New Moon, not because I cried through the entire book but because it was a re-awakening for Bella and for my self. Your skin was a little thicker after experiencing something like that as a teenager and I feel as though seeing it from the outside made my own skin thicken up a bit.

I went through Eclipse so fast that I feel I need to re-read it to remember the story at all... Breaking Dawn was fabulous, even though the ending seemed awfully rushed, it was a wonderful story with a lot of twists. It is safe to say that Stephenie Meyer had to rush through it or it was likely to be a thousand pages or more before the end.

I am trying to figure out what to read next. I had a few chapters of the first Harry Potter to finish so I did that.. and now I am in between reading Wuthering Heights, or Pride & Prejudice. They are both classics that I feel I need to read. I also have some other light reading to do while deciding.

In July Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince is going to be released- which as one can imagine I am more than excited about. Heather, Melissa and I are all going to wear our knit gear to it. Sometime this summer I will have to get around to making my Ravenclaw scarf to wear proudly. We are still looking for a hufflepuff to go with us. No luck so far.

This November New Moon is coming out- which I will be wearing my 'Alice' scarf to if I am able to get my speed back up with knitting. My tendonitis is still bothering me occasionally, this time I did the 500mg naproxen instead of the cortisone shot. I have yet to decide if this is the right method for my wrist.

Spring is here- and we have had the chance to go canoeing twice at Lake Wheeler, which is absolutely gorgeous. On one side there are a lot of rather large rocks on the waters edge hanging over and sticking out from under the water. Jordan and I are planning to go this Thursday during the day to celebrate our 1st wedding anniversary. Oh- that's right April 6th was our first wedding anniversary- which we have yet to celebrate because I had horrible allergies that led to bronchitis the week of the anniversary. While I was sick Jordan got a cold that had him sleeping every extra minute he could. The 'yellow' enemy has been covering everything we touch for weeks now and I cannot wait to see it gone completely. I know the drought caused it to be so much worse this year. Stupid drought. Stupid pollen.


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