Thursday, June 22, 2006

Newburyport June

I had Jordan draw this for Harry.

New Friend coming to check me out

I think he thought this was his "good side"

I absolutely love this tree

Canadian Geese overlook the pond


and part 2!

The Fountain that I love for no real
apparent reason other than I do

All the "Men" seem to be wading together

Another of the fountain

Across the pond

A view looking towards town

Another old comforting tree

Sunday, June 18, 2006

June Happenings

Oreo trying to reach "Baby" from under the basket

Jordan teasing Oreo with "Baby"
while she is under the basket

Bib I made for a gift

Jessica opening her gift from us
this is the bag Angie made her

Praise Baby Video had Christian in a trance

Jessica coming in the door
of her Surprise party


Christian holding a block

Jessica's mom with Christian at the party

A blurry, but happy pic of Jessica
holding the bag Angie made her

So a lot has been going on. I learned to knit, Christian turned 1, and Mark had a surprise birthday party for Jessica. It has been a busy month all around. We come home to NC soon. Can't believe it is nearly here!

Thursday, June 01, 2006

Time to Catch Up

Trinity Church, Copley Square,
Hancock building

the garden at Trinity Church

The Steeple

Trinity Church again

Trinity Church from the front
(the only one I took of it)

Boston- John Hancock Building

Cutie- early May

Cutie in his red sox bib ( he can't pull this one off)

Cutie- the Cheesey Smile!

Yay for Summer clothes~

Oreo on our couch..I think she was pretty sleepy

After the "Plague" Oreo thought she'd
like to chill in the clean trash can

Oreo thought the box was her gift

And so therefore it must be gaurded at all costs!

Because what else is a TINY box for?
Made especially for her to snooze in

So... So much has been going on. I have been working tons, for the Su family, the Blackman family and a new family, the Bovee's. Angie was here over Mother's day, which was a lot of fun, OTHER than the major flooding we had. Our downtown was flooded and some areas were extremely bad. This past Monday we went into Boston and took the "T" to the Dick Blick Studio art supply store which was a lot of fun. We started learning our way around the city, although we mainly only took the green line. It was a rather hot day, but it was a good day to go and "explore" the city. For a big city Boston is pretty small I'd say. Very easy to navigate.

Hope everyone enjoys the new photos! Hopefully more will be up soon!

Enjoy this beautiful weather we are having!