Monday, February 25, 2008

I see you!

Do you think I have been knitting recently? Haha. I would say so.. Socks... toys.. blankets... and about to begin some baby/birthday gifts. I am keeping my hands and mind busy/relaxed with all the stress coming from the wedding and the lack of my mom even being around/involved.

I am so proud of the little Elefante... although she/he has no name yet, it is a prized possession for me. I made it in under a week and i just love it. The hardest part for me was the eyes. I am such a pain in the rear about those sort of things, but since this wasn't going to a child I decided to go the button route.

Wedding is in around 40 days now. I am very excited, and at the same time just praying that things run smoothly. I don't expect things to be perfect, I'm not a freak, things are supposed to go wrong in life.

I guess the worst part has been the lack of my mom and her involvement. She's apparently all involved in her life now and has just missed out on a lot of things. I've quit trying... actually mailed her Christmas gifts to her yesterday. That's right.. mailed them. So I guess that would give you a good estimate of how long it's been since I have seen her. Well I have seen her once since Thanksgiving, that was the day we went shopping for her Mother of the Bride dress, however I have heard very little from her since then.

I am sure though she doesn't call because I am in general frustrated with her all the time. She goes days, weeks without the thought that she hasn't contacted me and then when she finally does I think she expects me to be grateful but usually I am more infuriated at that point. She always has some excuse for why she hasn't called and sadly they aren't usually the best excuses.

She got herself into a relationship with this guy who she dated when I was a kid, and to say the least he's crazy. I had horrible insomnia surrounding this during/around Christmas. I was worried, to say the least. Finally I just broke it, almost like a fever. I was able to say, she's an adult, she's going to do crazy irresponsible stuff and you being worried doesn't make that go away. I figured it wasn't worth having bags under my eyes on my wedding day.

I obviously feel the need to vent tonight. Perhaps it's the girl scout cookies and diet mt. dew or just built up anxiety keeping me awake.

OH We got our wedding bands a few weeks back. That was exciting. I had my test hair for the wedding done on Wednesday, it went great! Also I had my final dress fitting and the dress is perfect. I am so glad nothing major needed to be done to the dress.

hmm. What else?

My Bridal Shower is in 2 weeks. That's exciting. I can't wait to see everyone and just have fun with that day. Katie is coming in for it and I am so excited to see her since her surgery and everything. I wish she could have been here for more of the wedding stuff, although there isn't much that she could have done. I guess I just miss going to NY to see her.

Well I must have released something from my mind because I am suddenly exhausted!

off to bed we go!

Thursday, February 07, 2008

Where did the last month go?

So the last time I wrote on my lovely little blog was a month ago. Okay, where did time go?

I'll tell you where. Wedding planning. Knitting socks. Jordan's Birthday. Life. Work. Pilates. Netflix.

We've been so busy over the past few weeks finalizing Wedding Vendors and getting head counts etc. I'm exhausted just thinking about all the meetings we've done over the past 3 weeks alone. Tomorrow I meet with the harpist and have the jeweler look at my ring to see if they can make it fit into my engagement ring, so they sit nicely together.. Then Sunday Jordan and I are making a 2.5 hour drive to meet with the Preacher.

These long drives have become a staple for our weekly lives recently. We drive to High Point, Jamestown, Greensboro quite often to meet with this vendor or that, and then back to Cary for the tiny remainder of the day. However, the light at the tunnel is close! We are less than 60 days out now, and I am beginning to become a bit excited about the entire thing. We have so much to do yet, but it's starting to feel as though we have come to the top of the mountain, and are now going down the opposite side. YAY! haha.

My wedding dress arrives in/around the 26th of this month, so then I have to have a meeting with the alterations lady to figure out where it needs to be, well, altered. My guess is the bust, and the length. lol. Then I can finally go shoe shopping.

Tonight I purchased the wedding favors and bubbles and such. This week I purchased the centerpieces and Angie got her dress for the wddding. I also have found a few really pretty dresses for the Bridal Shower, Bridal luncheon and the Rehearsal dinner. My feet are going to be KILLING me by the time i walk down that aisle! Flats it is! lol.

Things we have yet to do

1. Final head count
2. Get the tux situation arranged
3. final seating arrangement.

We nearly had a disaster for our out of town guests. Tears were involved I must say. I think it's the only time I really got upset in this process. I've been stressed and wired etc, but not really upset until the day I found out that nearly every hotel (worth staying at) was booked due to the annual North Carolina Furniture Market. Yeah. If a hotel had a room available they were something like $300 a night!!! Nope. Angie came to the rescue and found a hotel that had some rooms available and so luckily we have rooms now for us and other guests who will be from out of town.

I go for my hair appointment on the 20th to do a test run, and sometime in March I'm going to get a slight shape up maybe and my hair dyed again.

I don't know what i am doing for jewelry yet etc. but that will work it's self out.

April 6th 2008 is nearly here. I'm rather excited. I'm still stressing out, but I am still excited.

Wedding jitters!

Now what to get Jordan for his wedding gift?!!

Wish us luck on the last few meetings!