Friday, February 24, 2006


So way back a month ago we went to Fowles in Newburyport with Jessica, Mark, Christian. This was when Angie and Ken were in town, and we had never been to Fowles. I have to say it was SO good. After we ate brunch Angie, Ken, Jordan and I went to Three Bags Full to get some yarn. Then we walked back to Jessica and Mark's place where we took some pics to remember the day.

Christian in the pumpkin hat and sweater that Angie made him


The only pic of Jordan with Christian

Christian has mastered the pulling off of hats....
and melting your heart with his smile!

Tuesday, February 14, 2006


So I was SO bored tonight. I watched the Westminster dog show finale. Jordan was busy working on his general. I'm sure it's going to be amazing. I just hope that his turns out better than other 3d artists.

So anyway, back to the dog show, the winner was a bull terrier. Here is a link to a puppy, although this one isn't the color I'd want, I love this picture. Check it out!

Now we both are missing our dogs in NC. Maybe one day we'll have a dog like this one.

Monday, February 13, 2006

It's a Carolina Thing

I found this on someone's blog, you gotta read it if you are from NC!

You've gotten used to the smell of cow manure on a car trip to Raleigh.

Saying "y'all" isn't just a cute expression; it actually means something.

There are big labrador retrievers in the back of every truck.

You give directions using KFC and Waffle House as landmarks.

You still see Dale Earndheart tributes on cars.

You can't imagine life without Bojangles' sweet tea

You’re annual church fundraiser always deals with bbq and potato salad

You have a sunburn from May to October

Your 'heavy winter clothing' consists of some turtleneck sweaters, a fuzzy jacket, and your daddy's boots

Your family has fried chicken once a week

You can tell the difference between cotton fields and tobacco fields while driving

One of your neighbors has a confederate flag hanging on their front porch

Those "damn yankees" are taking over your school/church/workplace/neighborhood...

You've been "properly raised", and yankees love it when they hear you say "ma'am" and "sir"

You get your carbs from biscuits, rolls, pancakes, and grits

You know the difference between a "redneck" and a "hick".

You own at least one surf shop or seafood restaurant shirts.

No matter what those people in Ohio say, we are still "first in flight"

The Coca-Cola 600 is as big as the Super Bowl

You prefer Chick-fil-a to KFC

Every time you visit someone you're offered something to eat and a glass of tea.

Your granddaddy always wore overalls and your grandma always wore an apron.

In summer you have home-grown tomatoes with every meal.

When it rains and the creek rises, everyone gathers to see how high it rose.

You know that "chunk" the ball means to throw it.

You've had a burger "all the way" - chili and slaw on it.

You can recognize a copperhead and your heart drops when you see one.

You have at least one relative that raises collards.

Your folks have taken trips to the mountains to look at leaves.

Your school classes were cancelled because of a hurricane.

You know Krispy Kreme makes the best doughnut.

You have an opinion about UNC. You went there and loved it, or you hate everyone who did.

You know the best BBQ is found in Lexington

You would rather eat at Bojangles's than McDonald's

You have actually uttered the phrase "It's too hot to go to the pool"

You faithfully drink Pepsi, Mt. Dew, or Cheerwine everyday of your life.

You have your own secret bbq sauce.

You or your neighbors have more hunting dogs than you have family members.You actually get these jokes and pass them on to other friends from North Carolina.


So today is my 51st post! CRAZY! How time flies, it's crazy how much I have done on here.

So let's get to the topic of today. Katie was here over the weekend, we had a good time with her. We took her to NBPT to Fowles and had a tasty brunch. Katie had the lemon raspberry french toast with eggs. Jordan had some sort of toasted egg sandwich, and I had the eggs, meat and toast. It was delightful! :) Saturday night we had Cracker Barrel, which was a yummy starchy treat! I think Katie enjoyed it beacuse she doesn't have it in the city.

So the next subject would be the official "Blizzard" that occurred this weekend. We got somewhere around 2 ft of snow, and no I didn't take any pics. It was too wet to take the camera out and take any :( However the 3 of us did go out and goof off in it some. Katie managed to knock not only me, but Jordan down in this huge snow pile, but somehow with our powers combined Jordan and I couldn't manage to take her down. It was sad. haha.

So my mom is having surgery for kidney stones again on Wednesday. This will be the second time that she has had this surgery. So keep her in your thoughts and prayers. I think she is worried about it going smoothly. I am confident that it will go well and that she'll be able to recover fast.

Thursday, February 02, 2006

Oreo Kitty

She loves our big comfy couch!

Oreo and I

New Entertainment Center

So while Angie and Ken were here they got us this. It's really nice and looks much better in our living room. This one has enough room for all our game consoles and dvds etc. OH Jordan also got a XBOX 360 from them, we finally found one in Tewksbury on the 29th. You best believe Jordan was thrilled!