Wednesday, June 10, 2009

NO DOUBT & Paramore

Monday night I went to see No Doubt and Paramore with Heidi, Heather, Melissa and Allison. Let's just say that was my favorite concert, ever. Aerosmith was fun, Les Claypool was great both times, and of course I loved Common and N.E.R.D but No Doubt was the best!

The traffic was horrific. We were on the interstate stopped for about 2-3 miles before the exit and then once you exited it was still another 2 miles to the actual place.

Good times to be had in traffic

FiNaLlY! in our seats!

Supafan Mel- excited!

Mel- Alli-Heather-Heidi

In another 5-10 years I'd like to go see Paramore again, I think they
will have developed enough to deliver a fun concert

Spiderwebs. I lost my mind I think. I was one of those girls in 1997
with this astheir answering machine message. Yep.

Their set was all white, clean and impressive. Had a very fluid feel to it. Loved it.

Second costume. It was shiny checkerboard.

Decent seats.

Adrian in striped long john bottoms and of course a pink tutu.

Loved it.

Simple kind of life.

Sunday Morning!

the Final bow.