Friday, September 26, 2008

Pickles is learning to roll over

I started teaching Pickles the parts of roll over earlier in the week and she caught on really quickly to that. She isn't getting it every time but she does get it some of the time now when I give her the command.

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Pickles New Harness

Pickles is growing like a weed so we got her a new harness today that will take her until she is nearly fully grown- although she will probably end up in something else before then knowing and seeing how dirty she gets things. She is seen below snuggling with her halloween dinosaur weenie toy. She loves her new harness and this toy is one of her favorite toys. How sweet is she all cuddled up in these photos.

Below is Oreo all snuggled up on blankets on our extra office desk she seemed to be exhausted today- she was here off and on for nearly 8 hours today! Today was definitely a lazy day for her.

How sweet of you Oreo

As you see below I made two blankets for Pickles. In an effort to keep the sofa free of puppy yuckies we have been keeping one on the sofa for when she is on the sofa with us. Well to my surprise a few nights ago Oreo decided that she wanted to make use of the blanket as well. Pickles was asleep and I was knitting and Oreo hopped up on the sofa and made herself comfortable. I was so pleased because to me this means that she has accepted Pickles into her life and into our family. It was quite sweet. The two of them stayed there while I worked on a baby sock and watched some tv. Eventually Pickles or Oreo one woke up and decided cuddle/together time was over.

As I said above I was knitting while they were up with me and this is the first sock I made for a newborn. How incredibly tiny and adorable is this thing. I am planning to keep this first set of baby ones for our future children, even though they are still years off. I will put it away along with the crocheted baby blankets that I made years ago for the future Walker babies.

I also have several friends who are expecting little girls in the winter. I will have to make more for them and their little babies. This pattern was incredibly easy and I really enjoyed making them over the past few nights. I will have to add a photo of the two later on because I haven't had the chance to take any photos yet.

Sunday, September 21, 2008

Bad Dog Pickles!

Today I went to the grocery store- was gone about all of 40-45 minutes. I left Jordan in charge. I think everything went fine until he came downstairs to help carry up the groceries. Here is what we returned to... this all happened in about 3-5 minutes of being home alone!

She wasn't punished- turns out this was our fault. While cleaning up the dining room today her bin of toys got put up where she could not reach. What else was she to do? The main objective is to be entertained and play... and if there are no designated toys you find some make shift ones.

So to say the least this ball of yarn has seen much better days... not sure if it can be salvaged yet or not. We will just have to see when I have the patience to sit and try to rewind it into one ball.

Blanket for Pickles # 2

The corner of the blanket has pieces from the first one.

This one is a bit thicker than the first one

She likes it already!

Pickles 10 weeks old

So a while back Angie and Rhonda made some really cute dog/cat blankets. Oreo has one and now so does Pickles. Well I was bored tonight- decided I would make her one. I have enough to make another as well- which I probably will tomorrow.

Here is blanket one that I made.

Saturday, September 06, 2008

Pickles and Oreo adjusting to each other

Watching over her as she snoozes

I just need some sleep!

Out on the sofa after a walk

As if to say- don't make any sudden moves!

Sharing the dog bed

Out on the balcony

Puppy Face!

Pickles came home 2 weeks ago now and so there are still some adjustments going on for Oreo. She is much more of a "I want to be as high off the ground as possible" cat now and she is a bit more assertive with Pickles now than she was a week ago.

I have been encouraging her and bribing her to be a good girl to Pickles- so she understands that being nice to Pickles means treats. It's going pretty well still so I guess it has been an easy addition.

Pickles is 8 weeks old now and quite the character. She loves to chase your feet and to play with all of her toys. She is walking well on the leash and has started going to walks around our apartment complex which totally exhaust her. She sits on command and we are working on lie has been harder than Sit was but we are getting there.