Thursday, January 29, 2009

january was busy

It seems like the new year was just yesterday in many ways, yet the month has also felt quite long. The days have come and gone and every day has seemingly been busy as it could be. This month is nearly over and I feel as though I need to stop, sit and catch my breathe for just a minute and look back over the month.

December was busy with holidays, our trip to Asheville/Biltmore and work in general. It was a rather uneventful month until I cut Pickles ear with the clippers. There I stood with blood dripping from her ear onto the table and I felt like I might faint. In my head I thought 'oh my god I have mutilated our dog' when in reality it was the tiniest little cut. The first few days I just cleaned it and put antibiotic ointment on it and that worked well. Then I was combing her and saw how it was healing, uh oh- this is going to be an issue. So off to see Dr. Coleman we went and she ended up getting 2 stitches. She spent the next two weeks (including Christmas) wearing a big plastic cone. She looked ridiculous. She got stuck trying to fit between the sofa and the end table. She ran into walls. She did everything she possibly could to bump, knock, bang, hit everything in our apartment with that hideous cone.

The beginning of the month we had Katie in from NYC and she spent the night with us a couple times which was nice. Pickles LOVES Winston- not so sure he feels the same way. He looks like an old man and has a very similar personality of one too. He eventually warmed up to her and then it was on! They ran circles around each other jumping over Oreo and bouncing on the sofa's. It was hilarious and they seemed to be having the best time, of course then it was time to go to bed so we could take Katie to the airport in the morning. Pickles looked for him all that afternoon, she liked having a doggie playmate.

I went to the eye doctor and found out that I have an astigmatism causing lots of vertical blurriness in my vision. Yep- I've joined the glasses wearing world. I got some really cute Kate Spade glasses that I do like wearing so I guess that is the good thing. I don't have to wear them all the time, just to help relieve eye strain so I usually wear them during the day and take them off at night. Jordan says it looks like I am wearing a costume when I have them on- not sure if that is a good thing or not.

On January 13th I got the chance to meet a knitting author, Betsy Greer, at our local Barnes & Noble. The book she wrote is called 'Knitting for Good' and it is all about finding ways to give back to your community with your craft be it knitting or not. The author was really friendly and it was nice to see someone from the community speaking. My friend Melissa was there which was fun, we had someone we knew that we could giggle at during certain outbursts from strange people in the audience. You know if I am around there has to be a crazy in the crowd. This particular crazy was obsessed with how the title of the book was incorrect and how Betsy should really change the name. Yep. She told Betsy to change the title of the book, then as if that wasn't enough she demanded her autographed copy in the MIDDLE of her speech. This lady had a major case of the rudes. She cracked me up and gave Melissa a case of the giggles.

Then that weekend Melissa and I hung out and went to a LYS in Raleigh called Yarnbirds. It was fun, and I got some gorgeous sock yarn- in Valentine's day inspired colors. The two colors remind me of sweethearts, you know the ones in those little boxes that kids give out at school. I can't wait to start a pair of socks with that. I have been busy knitting socks. Loving it. Working on sock number two of the most recent pair on here. The yarn is really fun looking. After doing some damage to our wallets at the yarn store we went and had food at Panera which was a lot of fun.

That same day I found out that my sister Caylee had been in a car accident the night before. In December she got her license so she's been enjoying her new found privilege and venturing out on the weekends etc. That night she was driving out to her grandparents in he country and apparently she ran off the road over corrected ran off the road at which point her car rolled 4/5 times. The corner of the windshield and top of car caved in on her head cutting open her forehead and causing multiple fractures to her skull. During this too her jaw got broken in two places. They life flighted her to UNC Chapel Hill where she spent the next couple days in and out of the ICU and Trauma Unit. She had some swelling on her brain and luckily no brain damage occurred. She was in the hospital for 8 days and is now home recovering. We are definitely lucky to still have her here.

So the following week we ended up having snow here in Cary. Yep- we had about 6 inches at our place and it was so pretty and fluffy. Pickles LOVED it. Taking her out to potty in it became crazy though because she would have all these little snow clumps on her legs. Jordan and I would team up on her with a towel and blow dryer until she was warm and dry. The best part was she seemingly got a couple baths a day until the snow melted away, so she was quite white every day.

So yesterday was Jordan's 25th birthday and it was low key and a side of bad luck. I had bad luck all morning and then that things got worse. Jordan and I were driving out in Holly Springs and BAM! The right side of the car dipped down and made a horrible crashing sound. During the rain storm we had around 3pm a giant pot hole had formed. No joke it was about 5 inches deep and nearly 2 feet wide. A low thudding noise came from the passenger front tire and then ding ding the pressure gauge light came on. Yep flat tire. Not only a flat tire but a damaged rim. Lovely. Happy Birthday Jordan. Not only that but his gift didn't come and when I called the company to question them about it I found out that it had been oversold online and would not be coming at all. Then I called all the local shops to find out they were all sold out too. Nice.

Poor Jordan. We'll have to do a very Happy un-Birthday again in a few weeks. The only really good thing that happened was that we went to Tamarind, the local Indian restaurant and had a yummy meal.

At least he will remember his 25th birthday though- maybe 26 will bear him better gifts.

Maybe tonight he will have a nice do-over with Heidi and Shawn.

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Wow it's 2009

so pretty

another pair of socks
just in your face!

how pickles plays on the sofa with a squeaky

Her pink lush hat

Heidi's hat for Christmas

Shawn's finished hat

some beautiful yarn from a friend for Christmas- soo soft

a recent scarf project- that I will finish eventually.


Epic Christmas Party 2008

winter park fun

my ears are NOT big

Merry Christmas

we had an incident with the clippers- whoops.
she got to be space dog for a couple weeks

she was "yarning" shawn's hat

semi smiling

ok- so the hat did fit when I made it... she grew

shawn was with us of course

hannah was sweet and shared the bed

pickles the space dog

dad looks excited

who wouldn't smile over wall-e?

a very happy jordan with his new D-80

He may have stroked out for a minute


The sweet potato hat I made her for Christmas

Katie wearing the Republic Hat that I knit her in the fall


couch potato


I think that she means business

yum bone

Angie and Ken

Her beard is actually clean

She is a cuddle bug


opening gift

Katie in the hat I made her for Christmas- opening her gift

Happiest Pup in the World!
As anyone can see I've been behind for a while. So here is a LOAD of photos from the past few months. November, December and January. Knitting, Christmas, Pickles- us- lots of random stuff.