Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Booties Galore

Cook Booties- due mid June

Cook Booties-

my two hobbies meet

As you can see my hands haven't taken much of a rest this week. My left one in fact is killing me. haha. Oh well. I am having SO much fun with these baby gifts. I have some more stuff in the works.. so we'll see what I churn out next! Hope everyone is having a great week, I had a crummy day and these booties just made it all better. Feeling that beautiful, soft green yarn (50% cotton, 45% Viscose & 5% silk) slip through my fingers just made all the days worries go away. Hopefully tomorrow will bring the same enjoyment to my hands.

Monday, May 21, 2007

Jordan's Gone= Knitting Mania

So as some of you may already know Jordan is living in Cary North Carolina now. He got the new job there at the beginning of May, and moved there on the 7th. I am living out the summer at our home in Massachusetts, which calls for lots of therapeutic knitting. My needles have been calling my name all hours of the day, and night. There are so many projects for me to begin.. it's a bit overwhelming.

To top it off my absolute favorite, and most convenient yarn shop in Newburyport Mass. is closing it's doors at the end of June, thus leaving me with 1.5 months with NO store! OMG!

With these major events all I can do is take full advantage of Netflix , and immerse myself in my love, knitting. In the past week I have completed 3 projects and have one more that will be complete within 48 hours. WHOO HOO! (go amanda)

Annabel's 2nd Birthday Dress
Flutterby Dress

Baby Su bootie not sewn

Booties Complete!

These Booties were so much
fun and extremely easy

Can You tell I'm proud of my booties?

Thursday, May 03, 2007

Sun obviously in our eyes!

Poor Winston

a bit blurry, but good


walking up the hills to the park


we are obviously tired...

aww cute.

We obviously had a great time in NY with Katie.