Saturday, January 28, 2006

Jordan turns 22 and New furniture

The new id!

Oreo enjoying the new tall bed

It is just so nice to see a bedroom that looks complete!

Angie and Ken snoozing!

Jordan's new spacious desk

Playing GUN on the PS2

So today is Jordan's 22nd birthday. Yesterday Angie and Ken got here and we have been just spending time with them. Today Angie and I went to Rockingham mall and stuff while Jordan and Ken put together our bed from Ikea. I've got some pics to go along with all this. Jordan also got a new desk from ikea when i went about a week ago and i have new pics of it on here.

The bed is SO big compared to what it has been for the past 2 year. haha. It's nice. so here are the pics. i gotta be honest, not in much of a typing mood tonight. i am also posting a pic of my new MA id, we also got the MASS plates on the Honda last week, i'll post a pic of that soon.

Thursday, January 19, 2006

Pics from Museum

I almost forgot to put these up. I took these while at the Museum. Just wanted to show a few of them.

Museum of Science Boston

Over the weekend Shawn came up here and we all got to hang out and eat out etc. He came in on Friday night and we spent most of the night just talking and catching up. Then on Saturday we got up and we went to the Museum of Science in Boston. That was exciting, got to see some cool stuff and Jordan got to get some ideas for his game idea. It was just fun for me cause I got to hang out with them.

After the Museum we came back to Methuen and we went to Bugaboo Creek, and let Shawn see the freaky restaurant. Dinner was great, and then we came home and watched Wedding Crashers. That was tons of laughs. We got bored and we went to Wal Mart just to get out and it was raining, cold and windy out. After that we came home and went to bed. Then there wasn't much to do on Sunday cause it was SO cold out. I'm talking like 9 degrees and felt like -8 out. We decided to go to the loop and the car doors were frozen and we had to deice EVERYTHING including the windows inside the car. Very exciting. That night Shawn and Jordan were bouncing off the walls so we at 2am decided to go out to Denny's. We got hot chocolate and a really late unhealthy snack. But it was worth it.

Shawn left on Monday and things went back to normal.Now we are looking forward to Angie and Ken coming up. They are coming up for Jordan's birthday weekend, and we are planning to go to Foxwoods in CT. They are also getting to meet Jessica Mark and Christian that weekend which is exciting.

My mom went into the hospital on Monday, she has kidney stones again, so once again she has problems. She had to be admitted and they wanted to take the kidney stones out, but they found out that where the stones had been blocking her kidney flow to the bladder (i'm guessing i'm saying this right) that it had become infected. She had an awful infection and wasn't able to have the surgery. They just put a tube in to help drain the infection and put her on some strong pain killers and antibiotics. It was rather sudden once again. So now she is home and resting until time to get back to have the kidney stones removed, which i think is going to be in Feb. sometime around Valentines day. So let's see how it goes. All i can do is hope that she goes through it all okay, and that afterwards she stops smoking, drinking sodas and starts eating better. I'd hate to think she would have to go through this again. It'd be a mess. I wish she had quit all that stuff a long time ago, it might would have prevented what she is going through now.

Well hope everyone is having a great 2006~

Friday, January 13, 2006


So I have been a major slacker it would seem! I haven't posted anything since Christmas. Well I haven't taken many pictures and I haven't done much so there hasn't been much to report on. We are enjoying our toys from Christmas and hanging out with friends, that's about it.

I totally didn't take a single pic on New Year's Eve, and I have a page spread in my scrapbook for it and everything, haha. real nice uh. I've decided to put on it "resolutions" of a sort. All we did that night was hang out at Jaime and Chris'. Nothing major, I played Call of Duty 2 until around 5 am. It was fun, and I killed lots of Nazi's. haha. more like they were killing me. I did get a few headshots in on Mike, and Mr. Fielding, but with the rabbit (jordan) playing there was NO chance for me. he kills anything that moves. Jordan is the most awful person to play with because he doesn't even give you a chance, he doesn't make strategic plans, he just bounces and anihilates EVERYTHING!

Tomorrow Shawn Richardson is coming up! YAY, it's an early Birthday Present to Jordan. We don't have much planned as of now, but once we get here i'm sure we'll think of something to do. I had wanted to go to the Museum of Science, Star Wars exhibit, but not sure if the guys want to do that anymore. Maybe we'll just take him and show him our common places we go. It's a lot different than FL, not nearly as much to do or see.

pictured above ^-Jordan and Shawn at Country Club Lanes West, Burlington NC March 2004

At the end of the month Jordan is turning 22 and Angie and Ken will be here for his birthday! Yay! I know that has to be exciting for the three of them to be with him on his birthday since the last one they saw him on was his 20th.

Planning a trip home. So after we get the final things taken care of here we are going to plan a trip home. Maybe in Feb or Mar. We'll have to see what takes place. Thinking it will be a thurs-Sun, or thurs-mon trip.

Well not much else to report on. Things are in a nice routine around here and we are getting back to into it now that all the holidays are over.

(photo at top is Shawn holding a flash for an older camera of ours, photo was taken sometime around 2004)