Wednesday, August 29, 2007

August almost over?!!!

Where did the time go? I haven't even had the time to post anything on here. My life has been extremely hectic with the move from Massachusetts to North Carolina. We are settling in nicely though. To say the least I need to post some pics- because there have been many photo op moments in my life recently when I have had photo's taken.

I am living in North Carolina again though. Already working and everything. I'm pretty exhausted though- so much to go through emotionally and physically with each move.

I'm happy to be back near family and friends, however I am terribly homesick for New England. I miss my families that I worked for there and my knitting group that I absolutely adored.

Good things about living in North Carolina-

1. Back with Jordan
2. Near family/friends
3. It's a great career opportunity for Jordan
4. Boone/Blowing Rock
5. Wilmington
6. the food! ahahah
7. new apartment
8. new furniture
9. having new friends to be social with
10. settling back into a normal routine!

i'll go into great detail about the past few months in a few weeks..... there is just so much going on currently.

Thursday Jordan and I will celebrate 5 years together, which is extremely exciting. Where has the time gone? Gee.. seems like yesterday we were hanging out during the summer recovering from our oral surgeries. Those were the days of Claires and UPS... life has definitely changed-

Well time for bed.. I mean it's only 3 am. ahha

for all of you Mass people- I miss you terribly!