Sunday, June 17, 2007

NC trip/ Family Wedding

I ate it 3 times in one weekend! (not the bologna)
yumm... cheese biscuit diet dr. pepper

Angie and Katie all glammed up

Katie, Angie and Jordan- they all look so nice.

Our Family. I'm the shortest actually..

One Happy Couple

Thursday- 9pm 1st attempt at sleep- no luck. asleep at 1am
Friday- 2am up and dressed- 3am in car on the way to Boston Logan International Airport- 5am Flight to Charlotte- 7am flight to RDU-8:30am JORDAN! yay- breakfast- afternoon nap.
Saturday- Breakfast- get ready for wedding- 3-11 Wedding in Greensboro-
Sunday- 9am up, breakfast- 1pm RDU- 2:15pm Flight to LGA- 5pm Flight to Boston- 7pm home again!

Thursday, June 14, 2007

Angie's Visit, Cape Cod, Martha's Vineyard, Yarn Shopping,

Heath Hen Yarn and Quilt Store-
Martha's Vineyard, Vineyard Haven MA

The Island Queen Passenger Ferry-
took from Falmouth to Oak Bluffs

The British Beer Company-
Falmouth, Ma, YUMMY Pot Roast!
(and the tallest Margarita for $7 anywhere!)

Our view from the restaurant

We had to at least walk out, if it hadn't
been so cold
I would have definitely
walked out on the rocks for a "better" shot

Even though it looks extremely
sinister we really had no bad weather

Our first stop- Eva's Yarn Shop, Fairhaven Ma

So last weekend Angie came to visit and we took a trip down to the Cape and Martha's Vineyard. We had the best time, eating, talking and hitting as many yarn shops as we could. We stayed in Falmouth Mass and went to several different shops in the area including one over in Vineyard Haven on Martha's Vineyard. Of course we came back with lots of goodies- many bags of yarn.

It went by rather quickly, and we were back to Methuen before we knew it. I do believe that I now have enough yarn for projects clear through Christmas! Of course knowing how crazy the next several months will be we could be looking at projects that take me until next Christmas to complete.

I wish I had more pics, but I just didn't get the camera out as much as I should have. I have go to work on that aspect of my trips.

This weekend I am going to NC for a wedding and to see Jordan of course. As sad as I will be to leave all my families on the North Shore I am going to be SO happy to be living with Jordan again. It really stinks to be away from your best friend/ future husband for 3 months! BLAH. Well only 7.5 weeks to go before I move down and in that time I have plenty to keep me busy. Jordan keeps joking about how him leaving is the best thing that could have happened to my knitting skills, and sadly it probably is. I have been more focused on completing more advanced projects.

I'll hopefully have LOTS of pictures from the upcoming weekend to share when I get back. My goal is to get several really great photo's of Jordan and myself as well as some of the family all together at this wedding. I don't believe one exists of Jordan, Katie, Angie, Ken and myself- so that is one thing I am aiming to accomplish this weekend.

wish me luck! I'll post some pics of the updated yarn stash one day maybe....