Sunday, December 31, 2006

North Carolina ~ Christmas~ ROAD TRIP

Hannah giving Shawn some unwanted love

Katie, Kelsey, Winston

Maw Maw opening her gift from us

Katie with a gift

CARS! Garrett and Jordan

Kelsey is really good at reading now

Jordan, Josh and Shawn playing darts

Angie- Ginger- Jordan

Ginger loved the cow-

Angie's Surprise! a new chair

Dad tormenting Hannah!

She rode on my lap 90% of the drive down
and about 50-50 on the way home to Ma

Jordan, Me and then Stephen
@ Sandy Subs in Elon

New knitting book!

Dad- Me- Keven- Caylee

A very happy little brother

Josh, Jordan, Louis, Stephen, Shawn
"crazy pic"

Angie- Jordan- he apparently has
never worn a hat in his entire life.

Mandar! and Lee

We are back from our road trip to North Carolina. It was a very long drive down, a lovely 14.5 hours. Jordan, Oreo and I were all pretty exhausted by the time we reached our destination. It was a great trip that's for sure. We spent lots of time with our family and friends. We went out to eat at Mayflower, O'Charley's, Moe's, and of course we had some good ole barbecue and Biscuitville. I can't really remember all the things we did, it was a busy week.

Things I decided after the driving- 1. I hate Pennsylvania- takes entirely too long to drive through. 2. I hate 220, long, dark and curvy. Traffic also slows down to about 20 miles slower than the rest of the drive. 3. It takes way too long to get to 90/Mass Pike. ALTHOUGH- all roads should be like that- those rest stops rock. 4. North Carolina takes forever to reach after you enter Virginia. 5. Upstate New York is gorgeous 6. Our Mitsubishi can pull up some steep hills and doesn't hesitate. 7. the ratio of women truckers has really increased. 8. We have the absolute best cat- she slept the ENTIRE drive.

Sunday, December 10, 2006

Gifts Galore!

so apparently I didn't put a thing up on here all November- so shame on me. Nothing about my birthday or anything. So I did have my 22nd birthday last month. We had cake and dinner and all that fun stuff.


We had Angie, Ken, Katie and Will here for the week of Thanksgiving. It was a lot of fun and good food. I put up the tree and the guys played video games. We bought our new car- a 2006 Mitsubishi Lancer with get this, 1 mile on it! Yay for a new shiny car! We love it thus far.

So now it's almost Christmas. We are planning our drive home to North Carolina to see the family and the old friends. I am super excited.


I am 98% finished with my Christmas shopping. Everything is wrapped and under the tree and ready to be torn into by kids, Oreo and everyone else. Thought I would post some pics of it to show everyone.